A Partner In the Journey of Discovering and Living Out YOUR Created Purpose!

Created To Create What Only You Can Create!



I exist to help others take a step into their created purpose by using Biblical wisdom, my experience with helping people grow, and my gifts of creative visioning and relational discovery in order that each person becomes the blessing God has created them to be! I believe that everyone is made with intentional purpose and design so they will provide the world with all the things their unique genius is made to create and give away.


My passion to serve others was developed in 15+ years in full-time ministry. By serving within the local church, I discovered two key things: a process of revealing one's purpose and a realization that many people don't actually know their created purpose.


I am a fellow discoverer constantly growing and taking steps into the specific purpose for my life. A few of these I know of are: father, husband, professor, pastor, leader, entrepreneur, writer, composer, and more to be discovered!


What I Do


Your Purpose

You have a distinct and unique purpose designed by God that only you can fulfill! It is time to discover and step into all you were made to do and be in this world!


Your Next Step

A known purpose can only be fulfilled by stepping into it consistently and constantly. The power of a step will be found in its definition. Together, we can find your clarity and vision for the calling on your life! 


Your Confidence

Life can so often bury who we truly are. Living into your purpose will renew a freedom and confidence you were always made to have! Take the steps and rise into the blessing this world needs!


Nathan McCamy

Nurse Practioner

"Brandon helped me at a time when I had just been let go from my job and was honestly going through a rough season of life. We spoke frequently during those weeks, and he encouraged me not to focus on what was lost, but to seek God and focus on building a stronger relationship with Him, then God would show me the purpose in His process. Just a few weeks later, I was rehired to my same position and given pay for the month I wasn't there. Brandon helped me to see the purpose behind the pain, and I came out a better person with a stronger relationship with Jesus."

Chance Byrd

HS Teacher & Coach

"Brandon was the first true honest connection I had with a Christian leader. He seemed to always know what God was trying to teach me in ways I couldn’t see or just didn’t want to see. If he didn't have the answer he would help me to find it with him. Brandon became the guy I always went to when I was lost, confused, or just struggling in life. It didn’t matter if I needed help with relationships, choosing a college to attend, struggling with transferring colleges after a year, and even figuring out what my career was going to be. He seemed to always have the answers even the ones I didn’t want to hear. Needless to say Brandon was my saving angel and I wouldn’t be here in my dream job without him. I wouldn’t even still be here alive without him. I’ll trust Brandon with my life and my daughter’s life."


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